Food Pictures
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Raw Bar

Oyster Display

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Raw Bar

Clams, Oysters and Crab Claws

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Raw Bar

Cocktail Shrimp In Ice Sculpture

Cold Hors Doeuvres

Endive Spears with Figs, Chevre and Honey Pecans

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Hot Hors Doeuvres

Rosemary Crusted Lollipop Lamb Chops with Mint Baste

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Salmon Canapes

Teriyaki Chicken Sates

Set Hors Doeuvres

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Set Hors Doeuvre Table

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Set Hors Doeuvres

Set Hors Doeuvres

Cheese and Fruit Display

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Toasted Pita Triangle Display

Vegetable Crudite



Bittersweet chocolate mousse with orange liqueur, wrapped in chocolate bark with fresh berries

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Childrens Buffet Bar Mitzvah